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Abstract Art: Negative Painting Techniques for Watercolorists

Abstract Art: Negative Painting Techniques for Watercolorists

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Try Negative Painting Techniques Now!

Take a new approach to painting with these art lessons demonstrating negative painting techniques! In Painting Outside the Lines with Linda Kemp, learn how to paint around objects to define them using layers of color to create depth in your paintings. This process works great for natural objects, from berries and trees, as well as in abstract art to create beautiful paintings.

With negative painting, the subject is created by painting around the object rather than by painting the object itself. Working this way isn’t hard to master; it’s a simple shift in the way you see! Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished artist wanting to learn something new, you’ll enjoy trying Linda’s negative painting techniques and apply them to your own work. You’ll kickstart your style and discover a whole new world of possibilities!

The great thing about this method of painting is that it’s not confined to one medium. While Linda works primarily in watercolor for these exercises, she also paints in acrylic, and these negative painting tips can be applied to colored pencil, pastels, and other mediums – even drawing!


  • Several exercises that teach negative painting techniques and how to incorporate them into your work
  • Watercolor art lessons and color mixing
  • Learn how to paint berries, leaves, and abstract landscape elements in a unique way

Preview Painting Outside the Lines now to learn how to build value from light to dark using negative painting techniques. You can also purchase the DVD or download.

Watch the video: DVD - Painting Outside the Lines with Linda Kemp (June 2022).


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