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Its An Art Revival! Get Excited With This Technique

Its An Art Revival! Get Excited With This Technique

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Negative painting is a hot topic these days, and so the powers-that-be at North Light Shop have decided to offer a special selection of Linda Kemp’s DVDs and books in this exclusive offer. Her passion for this style is evident: “Working in the negative is all about shape-making! The process requires that the artist becomes aware of the picture space–how it’s divided and how those pieces link together. When artists are more mindful of shapes and space, their design skills will improve whether they work in the positive or the negative. I’ve also been told by many students that learning to see in a different way has revived their enthusiasm for painting. If you suffer from artist’s block, a change in direction or medium may be all you need to put the fire back in your heart and brush!” (Click here to tweet this quote)

Indeed, it can become very comfortable to drive along the same road of creativity; you know where the rough bends are, as well as when you can punch the gas along the stretches where the horizon doesn’t end. If you’ve been on a continuous path for too long and you’re ready for some new challenges, take a shot at negative painting and see where it leads you. Sometimes it’s when we try something that we’ve not considered before that the muses of art gift us with an aha moment that inspires either a new artwork or a new style altogether. It’s this journey of exploring possibilities that gets you closer to your goals.

For a limited time, you can save 44% when you order this unique kit featuring instruction by Linda Kemp from North Light Shop. It includes:

• Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines (book)
• Simplifying Design and Color for Artists (book)
• Negative Painting Techniques: Watercolor (DVD)
• Negative Painting Techniques: Simplifying Color (DVD)
• Holbein Watercolor Set
• Virtual Book Tour

Click here to learn more about these books and DVDs, and get your deluxe collection while supplies last. And, don’t miss this bonus article about Linda’s art and style.

Happy painting,

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