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In the May issue of American Artist, we heard from Florida artist Gregory Strachov, who encourages painters to find their own style through developing skills, deciding what it is they want to say, and finding their unique voice. Here, we present some additional work from the artist that we couldnt fit in the print magazine.

Studio Door
2007, watercolor, 14 x 10.
Private collection.
Glacial Stone
2007, watercolor, 20 x 14.
Private collection.
Single Thought
2007, watercolor, 12 x 9.
Private collection.
Sun Bath
2007, watercolor, 20 x 14.
Collection the artist.
The Poem
2007, watercolor, 16 x 12.
Private collection.
Granite Morning
2007, watercolor, 24 x 18.
Collection the artist.
Spanish Flame
2003, watercolor, 30 x 22.
Collection the artist.
Blue Bell Light
2005, watercolor, 30 x 22.
Private collection.


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